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Mathematickles are math haiku that tickle your brain. Fun words take the place of numbers in all sorts of math problems. Math becomes playful, beautiful, sassy, and creative in this whimsical romp through the seasons!

crisp air
shadows tall
+ cat's thick coat
signs of fall

dandelions x wind = white wishes

- bird


It's fun to write your own mathematickles. Here are some by young poets:

hermit crab
- shell
very sad hermit crab

second grader

many flowers + many sands + many leaves = my garden
Japanese ESL student

maggot x time = fly
Kevin Ashworth, 5th grade


Additive Identity:

Someone + noone = someone


Lindsay Miller, 8th grade algebra

Additive Property of Equality

If paper = trees
then recycled paper = recycled trees


Jane Laira. 8th grade algebra

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