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Falling Hard, 100 love poems by teenagers

Memories of You

I miss you less than I thought I would.
I miss you more than I think I do.
I want you less than I thought I did.
And I love you more than I ever knew.

Mary Katherine Meadows, age 16

Ode to Her Skin

I want to walk out into the night
And cross the two streets
Between us.
I'll sneak into your room
And turn on every electric light.

Light will be everywhere, filling the corners--
From the ceiling, from your desk, up from the floor,
Beside your bed, out of the fishbowl,
Light, light, light, light dribbling down the walls and
Puddling into the folds of your warm blanket.

When I can look at you from every bright angle,
I'll find you a new name,
Something that fits close to the skin;
Smooth, sleek, low-cut
Something, anything but

Tired, bruised-up "Beautiful"--
Which has been dragged through the mud
By a thousand buffaloes in love.

Luke M. Rickford, age 17