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Counting Our Way to the 100th Day!

100 poems and 100 pictures for the 100th Day of School, or any occasion!

Poems are zany, beautiful, funny, and thought-provoking.

One hundred
little tiny ants
could fit in the
bowl of a wooden
spoon, but a herd of
one hundred eleph-ants
would take up much,
much, much more

One Hundred Puddles

One hundred puddles make a pond.
One hundred ponds would make a lake.
One hundred lakes would make a sea.
Just add some salt and sail with me.

One hundred drops can be a cloud.
One hundred clouds can be a storm.
One hundred storms is winter weather.
Let's make a fire and read together.

One hundred words can be a poem.
One hundred poems can be a book.
One hundred books can fill a shelf.
Come read of dragons, bears, and elves.

To purchase call 1-800-223-2336 or visit www.simonsayskids.com