Me and Finn Mayer, the actor who plays Ovid

My son Dave came to my play. He read the audio book. Loved the play.

Some of the cast with Dave

Tom, my son who did all the drawing in the play, and I at the opening of the play

James filmed the play for his documentary about the making of the play.

Me and my husband Doug at the Oscars (He's no longer with us on this earth.)

Me and my mom, Grandma Mitz, at the Oscars

me, tom, james, grandma mitz on kodak stage

on the Kodak stage after the show

Doug and I at "Unfinished" premiere (He's no longer with us on this earth.)

My son Dave and I at the Governor's Ball after the Oscars, in the Kodak Theater

My son Tom and Julia, Oscar night

James and I at the premiere of "Unfinished" a film by James and Gus Van Sant

At Oscar mominees interview in L.A.

My Oscar dress

My play of Metamorphosis, Junior Year

March 4, 2011

My play is opening tonight. The director and the actors have created such an awesome rendering of my novel. I'm so grateful. Palo Alto Children's Theatre, Mar. 3, 4, 5, 10, 11, 12. 650-463-4930 See you there.

Oscars weekend events

March 4, 2011

On this blog page, you'll see a constantly growing set of photos from the Oscar weekend. It was pure fun to be in the third row center for the event and see James in his pink dress close up. My whole family was there to enjoy the event with me.

Acting with James Franco

July 11, 2010

I learned so much from playing my son's James' mom on General Hospital. I could feel how completely he was committed to his character, the crazy artist Franco. When I got back to my sketch comedy group (Suburban Squirrel) and my drama group (Studio-33), I was so much more deeply committed to my characters. (more…)

Gunn High School Visit

May 1, 2010

I spoke in a creative writing class at Gunn and had a great hour with them. Tarn Wilson, the teacher, had read 15 minutes of my novel, Metamorphosis, in class, so they were familiar with my character, Ovid and could give me valuable feedback about the first page of the sequel. We talked about the (more…)

common sense media and play of Metamorphosis

February 23, 2010

Children's Theater of Palo Alto asked me to write a play of my novel Metamorphosis. It's a challenge but a lot of fun to change the form and include all the crazy elements of the book. Which brings up my latest concern. Common sense media is posting very narrow reviews on Barnes and Noble. (more…)

Cute blog and youtube

January 18, 2010

Amy Krouse Rosenthal's blog and Youtube from Chicago were really cute and made me feel good. Thought I'd pass them along.

Open mics for teens

January 12, 2010

Tom and I are going to do some more events with an open mic so that teens can read their own poetry. We'll be promoting Metamorphosis, Junior Year, at the events as well. Some poets at our Hicklebee's Books event said the only places they can read are at adult poetry readings. I'll keepyou (more…)

Kepler's Books event was a lot of fun

November 11, 2009

The Kepler's event was standing room only, which was thrilling for me and Tom. Many teens from all over the area and many adults were in the audience. Thank you to everyone who came.

We showed Tom's drawings on a powerpoint and spoke about our creative processes and our collaboration. I had baby photos (more…)


April 15, 2009

Hey, I'm filming a scene from my latest novel. It's exciting. A friend of mine is in a film class and we've cast two really good actors from Palo Alto High School.

I took a screenwriting class at Stanford that was excellent. The teacher was Adam Tobin. During the class, I wrote a screenplay adaptation of my novel, and now I've reworked a five minute segment for filming. Should be fun.

Selected Books

1.YA novel
Illustrated by Tom Franco, audio version by James and Dave Franco
2. poetry
"An amazing collection...cover(s) all things cat."
4. teen-written anthology
"The vertigo-inducing realm of romantic love is captured in this unforgettable collection..."
3. Picture book
"Franco's spirited poems...Jenkins' masterful collage work."
--Booklist, starred review
6. picture book
"Celebrate the free concert that birds perform..."
--Publisher's Weekly, starred review
7. picture book
"Word lovers might stand a better chance of becoming math lovers..."
-Horn Book, starred review
8. children's poetry
"the bouncy, humorous poems include an amazing variety of math concepts ...delivered with a light touch"
--Kirkus Review
5. teen-written poetry anthologies
"...honest, raw and sometimes tender selections..."
-School Library Journal