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About the Author

Metamorphosis Junior Year, an Elysium Bandini film based on my novel, was at the Mill Valley Film Festival October 2017. Named one of top 11 must-see films in the San Jose Mercury News!
The film METAMORPHOSIS, JUNIOR YEAR, based on my novel, was shown at the San Jose Cinequest Film Festival in June 2017! I worked with my sons James and Tom, producer Iris Torres, cinematographer Christina Voros, and a team of ultra talented film students and actors.

MOONLIGHT HIDE AND SEEK is my new APP for children - perfect for home or the classroom!

"Sensational...exceptional art... It gives off the feel of a breezy kiss across your cheeks from the night air." - review by Apps for Teachers

Moonlight Hide and Seek is an interactive picture book-game that I wrote and my son Tom Franco illustrated. It teaches subtraction and logical thinking while introducing the intriguing behaviors of night animals and telling a charming story.

My third book with the marvelous illustrator Michael Wertz is forthcoming October 1.

"A dazzling compilation of concrete poetry that highlights marine life, this book lives up to its title."
– School Library Journal

"At once light, visually playful, and educational, Franco and Wertz's latest collaboration proves the third time's a charm."
– Kirkus

The Women in the Arts event was electric, and I'm pleased that so many people attended. People are still telling me about spring-offs and collaborations as a result of the evening.

Check out my Camille Claudel Facebook page at


Betsy Franco's book NAKED has recently been optioned by producer Todd Traina of Traina Productions/Red Rover Films with an eye towards shooting the film version locally in early 2016. Todd Traina recently produced "Morning" with Jeanne Tripplehorn and Laura Linney; "Another Happy Day" with Ezra Miller, Ellen Barkin, Kate Bosworth, Ellen Burstyn; and "Ten Thousand Saints" with Ethan Hawke, Emile Hirsch and Haylee Steinfeld, which premiered at this year's Sundance Film Festival.

“We are thrilled to be working with Betsy Franco, who is a multi-talented novelist. Everyone who has taken a look at NAKED so far has been deeply moved and feels that a film version would captivate audiences with its combination of unique characters, intelligence and magic realism.” (Todd Traina, Traina Productions/Red Rover Films)

My artist son Tom Franco started painting early. Now he is the illustrator of my novel NAKED and his art is on the cover.

I'm thrilled to tell you that my novel NAKED was published by Tyrus Books. This is my first novel for an adult audience.

Tyrus describes NAKED as "The Time Traveler's Wife" meets "Midnight in Paris."

My son Tom Franco created the image for the cover and interior drawings of sculptures by Rodin and Camille Claudel. Drawing copyright Tom Franco 2013.

See Future Books/Events on this site for signing dates. Hope to see you there.

"The Time Traveler's Wife meets Midnight in Paris"
--San Jose Mercury News
"a seamless blend of fiction, biography, and contemporary culture"
-- Publisher's Weekly

Photo from Old School Confessions: Then & Now. The film includes real confessions from contemporary high school students.
From my short film

For three months, I directed my acting-on-film students in a short film, Old School Confessions, Then & Now. It screened at a wonderful event honoring Tobias Wolff and his novel Old School.

"Zero is...the sound of snowflakes landing on your mitten. 0 sounds." "Zero is...the kites in the sky once the wind stops blowing. 0 kites." Using these evocative examples from children's everyday experiences throughout the seasons, Franco explores the concept of zero...

Like Franco's Mathematickles, this is another fine addition to the growing number of books that make math concepts both enjoyable and memorable."
- School Library Journal

"Zero is absolutely brilliant!" - Valerie Lewis, Hicklebee's Bookstore

On Kirkus' list of best books of 2009

I loved writing the questions in this journal for parents and children ages roughly four to ten to share the evolution of their thoughts, feelings, and dreams over three years. Also great for kids who want to keep a time capsule of their own whimsical thoughts and serious ideas about the world.

I have a new iteration out now: Q & A a day for me, which is for teens!

My first young adult novel, METAMORPHOSIS, JUNIOR YEAR,is out from Candlewick Press. My sculptor son Tom is the illustrator, and my actor sons, James and Dave, read the audio version!

"The cool teen narrator, Ovid, may be on Facebook or texting his high-school friends in northern California, but he also recognizes the parallels between his life and classical mythology..." - Booklist

"Ovid captures it all in his private notebook filled with prose entries in realistic teenspeak, beautifully crafted poems that provide a back story and surreal black-line illustrations that the author's son reworked from his own high-school notebooks..." - Kirkus Review

Tom Franco's illustration for the chapter called "Slam Dunk" in my YA novel, Metamorphosis, © Tom Franco

Check out my new page: "Guide, Metamorphosis" is a reader's guide to the novel, Metamorphosis, Junior Year. If you're interested in performing the play, please contact me. Photos from the play are included on the new page.

The San Francisco Chronicle ran a wonderful article about my YA novel, Metamorphosis, Junior Year and how all three of my sons collaborated on it.

A Curious Collection of Cat was inspired by my cat muses, Frida and Jada.

Review from Fuse8, School Library Journal said:

"Thirty-two poems cover every aspect of all things cat. From their tendency to attack feet from within paper bags to their dislike of leashes to their less than brave encounters with the native squirrel population...

Complementing her efforts is debut illustrator Michael Wertz who captures perfectly not only the feline physique and manner, but also its attitude, quirks, and personality.

To my mind, Franco really has a keen sense of how to make a poem interesting and like nothing you’ve ever encountered in a children’s poetry book before."

In the ABC Catalog of best books of 2009, chosen by independent booksellers

Dog-lover alert: A Dazzling Display of Dogs is out.

Starred review in School Library Journal: "This follow-up to A Curious Collection of Cats (Tricycle, 2009) is dazzling indeed. Each of the 34 poems features a different animal, most of them engaged in true dog behavior. Overall, a delight for kids, their adults, and maybe even their beloved canine companions"

This book is fun to read aloud because it's school poems for two voices.

"...fresh and dynamic...steady rhythm and a sense of humor...playful tone." --Horn Book

"A cheeky romp through elementary school children's academic and social lives..." --Kirkus

On Booklist's list of lasting books of 2009

"In this evocative picture book, Franco guides readers through one possible food chain..." Horn Book

"Franco's words scan with an irresistible beat that will invite participation..." Booklist

Double Play! is out! "With both our knees/we grip the bars./We're upside-downside circus stars.
2 knees + 2 knees = 4 knees"

"Franco's rhymes swing effortlessly along with the animals' play..." - Publisher's Weekly

My new book on amazon. Help spread the word to teen actors and drama teachers.

Are you looking for a 1 to 2 minute monologue, or do you know someone who is? I wrote the monologues, James filmed them for an art installation, and Tom designed the cover.

Teens in high school and college have already landed parts using the pieces! Perfect for a holiday gift!

My blog has some photos from events on Oscars' weekend. Also some photos of my play, METAMORPHOSIS, JUNIOR YEAR, which premiered at the Palo Alto Children's Theatre.

The Teen Arts Council produced three successful staged readings of my new play, "Irrepressible," at the Palo Alto Children's Theatre.

"Breakfast Club meets A Chorus Line" is how I describe it.

My short with Vin Misra, FACEOFF: TYRANNY VS RESISTANCE, was in the Palo Alto International Film Festival. It consisted of monologues written and performed by Gunn students. The novel In the Time of the Butterflies inspired the monologues.

Censored and other one acts was a hoot to write and direct. I had a great time acting in one of the one-acts, too.

The Palo Alto Children's Theater staged my play of my novel, Metamorphosis, Junior Year. I used feedback from the teens who workshopped scenes from the play. The set included animated visuals of my son Tom's drawings.

As an added bonus, my son James produced a documentary of the making of the play. I love teens, and the whole experience was very dynamic and collaborative. James even mentioned the novel on Jay Leno--they got some good laughs out of it.

I had a peak experience acting with my son James on General Hospital. Thank goodness I'd been taking classes in acting on both stage and film at Stanford Continuing Ed. for six years.

When A Curious Collection of Cats was announced as an honor winner for the Lee Bennett Hopkins Poetry Award this year, I couldn't have be more surprised and thrilled. It certainly wouldn't have happened without my illustrator Michael Wertz!

Zero Is the Leaves on the Tree was a nominee for the Northern California Book Awards, won the Northern California Independent Booksellers Award for best illustrated children's book in 2009. My illustrator is Shino Arihara!

My son Tom and I are going to host more open mics for teens. I'll keep you posted. We had a wonderful event and open mic at Hicklebee's Books.


I've been painstakingly revising my latest YA novel. Can't tell you the subject yet.

I've dove into comedy for a while-writing and acting in SNL-type sketches with a comedy troupe, Suburban Squirrel, which was an offshoot from my Stanford drama class. My son James even mentioned us on Letterman--twice! We gave two performances, one on stage and the sequel on film. And...Judd Apatow's crew came over to film a comic video I wrote. It was so much fun, I'm moving to LA to become an actor...just kidding. But, honestly, it did get me a Hollywood audtion, which James also mentioned on Letterman. Some people have asked about that: I didn't get the part but had an amazing time doing it.

My classes have been in Acting on Film with Marty Pistone at Stanford, acting on stage with Kay Kostopoulos, and Improv with Melanie Chartoff. All my classes help me with my acting and writing.


I've written over eighty books for children and young adults—picture books, poetry collections, and nonfiction. I also write young adult novels and compile anthologies of teenage writing from across the country and around the world. I particularly love to show how exciting, sassy, and creative math can be, and how wise, honest, and insightful teenagers can be. I live in Palo Alto, California. My three sons, James, Tom, and Dave--two actor/writers/directors and a sculptor/illustrator. They inspire me with their fearless creativity.


My publishers include Candlewick Press, Margaret K. McElderry/Simon & Schuster, Random House/Tricycle Press, Tyrus Books, Lerner, Scholastic, Harcourt, Grolier Children's Press, and Charles E. Tuttle. See featured books on this Web site.


Other books include:


  • Conversations with a Poet, Richard C. Owen Publishers, consists of my personal philosophy about writing and teaching poetry, along with samples and guidelines for writing 16 poetry forms "...must-have 21st century pathway to poetry..." Lee Bennett Hopkins. See for ordering. (see image to left)
  • Math Poetry, Goodyear Books, Arizona Book Award for best educational book
  • My Pinkie Finger, Grolier Children's Press
  • Counting Caterpillars and Other Math Poems, Scholastic. See and for a more complete listing.

For school visits, e-mail


"Betsy Franco inspires trust in the various people she meets in the course of her work as writer, poet, and anthologist."

Candlewick Press

"very gifted and inspirational as a teacher of young children..."

El Carmelo Elementary School

"You were a big hit with my students."
"I really liked it when you said you like working with teens."
"You were very inspiring and your dedication to art is a great influence to me with my music."

Los Altos High School

"It was very inspirational...I found it helpful because I'm an artistic person and I plan to live my life in an artistic way."

Stephanie, Palo Alto High School